15 December 2008

Big Four Home League Form

There was an intriguing post on RAWK comparing the total league form between the big four, suggesting Liverpool’s wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. Here’s how that looks for solely the league, which is what truly matters, as others suggested later in the thread. And I don’t like what it suggests for the Mancs.

Played 9 – W5 D4 L0 | F13 A6 | Points 19

Hull 2-2
West Ham 0-0
Fulham 0-0
West Brom 3-0
Pompey 1-0
Wigan 3-2
Stoke 0-0
United 2-1
Boro 2-1

Played 9 – W3 D4 L2 | F15 A6 | Points 13

West Ham 1-1
Arsenal 1-2
Newcastle 0-0
Sunderland 5-0
Liverpool 0-1
Villa 2-0
Man United 1-1
Spurs 1-1
Portsmouth 4-0

Played 7 – W6 D1 L0 | F19 A4 | Points 19

Sunderland 1-0
Stoke 5-0
Hull 4-3
West Ham 2-0
West Brom 4-0
Bolton 2-0
Newcastle 1-1

Played 8 – W5 D1 L2 | F15 A10 | Points 16

Wigan 1-0
Villa 0-2
United 2-1
Spurs 4-4
Everton 3-1
Hull 1-2
Newcastle 3-0
West Brom 1-0

This is what the full table looks like right now.

A few others things worth noting:

• Liverpool scored the first goal in four of those five wins, with the comeback against Wigan, way back in October, the only holdout.

• Knock on wood so I don’t jinx it, but somehow Chelsea’s lost that impregnability at the Bridge. Liverpool was the first to win, but those two early draws against Spurs and United were aberrations from seasons past as well.

• United’s away record is the saving grace so far. They’ve won 3, drawn 4, and lost 2. Long may it continue.

• Liverpool and Arsenal have the best record in big four head-to-head, with six points from six. Which should make Sunday’s match interesting.

Both teams have beaten Chelsea and United, and both beat United at home and Chelsea at the Bridge. United and Chelsea drew their match together, again at the Bridge. But, United hasn’t hosted any of the other three yet. More to worry about...

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