04 September 2008

Welcome to the terrible twos

It turns out I wasn’t thinking yesterday. In my haste putting up that quick post about Carra, I forgot that yesterday marked the second anniversary of this blog. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess.

Yes, I’m amazed I’ve still got this thing going. But I’m even more amazed that more and more people come to read, comment, and email me. It’s all exceptionally appreciated; the audience and its feedback is what keeps sites like these, and their authors, going.

Thanks for another fun year, even considering happenings both on and off the field. Onward and upward and all that.

Just to lay out the schedule over the next week or so, as always, I’ll have something to say if Liverpool news breaks and I may have something up following the England internationals. But there’s also a good chance I’ll use the next week to recharge the batteries. Yes, I know, even though the season just started. I've decided that if you’ve been around over two years, you can set your own schedule.



Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nate. I'll be here for next two as well.

Other good news - Gerrard and Torres are training and jogging lightly.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate all your work. This is usually my first stop for LFC news and commentary. Hope you keep it going long into the future.

-Tobin in Arkansas

Steel said...

Congrats, mate!

Abhiram said...

Congrats mate! :)

Hope this continues for a LONG LONG TIME.

iskoppa said...

Sorted geezer! Keep up the good work :)

Samir said...

Keep up the good work !!!

ManchesterRed said...

Happy Birthday, OhYouBeauty!
I know we don't always leave comments etc - usually to do with how much time is available - so your continuing efforts and insight are always appreciated. One of the best LFC sites around.

Thank you & here's to another successful year. Have a good 'break', Nate, you deserve it!

Paul Heron said...

Keep up the great work Nate, loving this blog :-)

Starting11 said...

Congrats man, I put a link in my post today. This is a great stop for me.