03 September 2008

Jaime Carragher is still a legend

Well, the window's over, and I've little desire to write about how Manchester City is going to take over the world and has signed Pele, Garrincha, Cruyff and Beckenbauer or how Hicks and Gillett are furiously rubbing two pennies together in the hopes they'll multiply.

But I do want to make sure everyone's aware Carragher has an autobiography coming out (ghost-written by the excellent Brian Reade), and parts are being serialed in the Daily Mirror.

The first part was published today.
It is well worth the read.

Yesterday's article, a much longer interview with Carra, is also chock-full of choice quotes. Naturally, the ones in relation to him possibly becoming Liverpool manager are my favorites.

Seriously, go read both now. It'll help kill the time before Premier League football restarts.


Mike Georger said...

i really think he will become manager. when he retires, which i would guess will be around 36 or so, i think he will get an assistant job with the club for a year or tow, then become manager of one of the teams we have loan relations with, then in two or three years time get the call.

Mike Georger said...

holy crap he mentioned the superiority complex. ive been touting this for years whenever english fans give me shit for being an american, considering that theyre usually my age and in our lifetimes the two countries have won the same number of world cups. god i cant wait to read this book, i havent been able to find a copy of reades new book yet but want to read that first

nate said...

yeah reade's book is definitely on my list of things to pick up.

For anyone interested, it's "43 years with the same bird," as is about his life following liverpool as a fan and journalist.