06 July 2008

Too much meta, not enough football

Once again, I’m forced to apologize for the radio silence around these parts. While part of it is due to the fact I’m hesitant to write about unconfirmed transfer gossip, which is the only Liverpool "news" around, there’s another reason as well.

Last Monday I ended my four-year exile from academia and began grad school. So while I'm keeping up, I'm not keeping up as much as I had been. I will continue to post as often as possible, but, for example, match reports might not show up an hour or so after the game ends. And when it’s early summer, I’m just starting to get acclimated to the schoolwork I’ll be doing, and there’s not much besides transfer talk floating about the internet, it’s probably going to be quieter around these parts.

But don’t think that this blog’s going to become radically different or even die a slow death. Because I’m almost positive that won’t be the case. And yes, I did just leave myself a little bit of wiggle room there, but don’t take too much notice.

As usual, if there is anything concrete on the Barry, Crouch, or Keane (that’s a new one…) fronts, I’ll most likely have something to say.

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Abhiram said...

The problem is there is nothing concrete going on in the transfer front at all which is worrying me. Let aside Barry, Crouch and Keane, even Alonso's situation is not clear. I don't want him to leave the club but i don't think it can be stopped. Rafa said he'd try to complete all transfers as early as possible and start comprehensive training so that the new comers can acclimatize to the weather and the playing style. Not seeing this happening is worrying.