22 July 2008

Liverpoolfc.tv amuses me

Seems a bit cruel to show a picture of Voronin from today’s game above that headline.

I didn’t see today’s match – and I’m not holding a missed penalty against him – but Voronin had been decent in the three before. I’ve written that he did the same last year only to disappoint by May, but I’m holding out hope he’s actually progressing.

But this, coupled with the supposedly imminent signing of 19-year-old David Ngog from Paris St. Germain (a cousin of Jean-Alain Boumsong, no less!), can’t be a sign, can it?


Mike Georger said...

we have had a horrific track record with french cousins ... *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Voronin sure shows a lot of promise occasionally...deft touches, chip shots, screamers against Toulouse. I actually think he would link up ok with Torres as he is pretty strong on the ball and can deliver a through ball.

MOM was of course Masch. Midfield was stifling.


Mike Georger said...

i dont want to jinx it, but it looks like keane may be the target over barry now.

lets say, hypothetically


degen/finnan/arbeloa - carra/skrtel - agger - dossena/aurelio


kuyt - gerrard - babel


to me, thats going to be the best lineup we have fielded in years. if keane comes in i think voronin is sure to leave, if only to free up the number 10, or maybe hed do the classy thing and give it to him.

could keane and torres be the best partnership we've seen since kenny and rush? (no offense to god and c-more). i think it could be

on an unrelated note, theres lots of chatter about what to do with the number seven .... i say give it to dirk

nate said...

See above for more on Keane v Barry, but I had to reply in the comments as well, simply to agree that Dirk should get #7.