13 May 2008

OYB Awards 07/08

I’ll be doing more post-season wrap-ups and other assorted fun in the coming days, but I wanted to start out with a list of “awards” for the season.

Leave your own in the comments.

Player of the season:
1) Fernando Torres
2) Javier Mascherano
3) Steven Gerrard

Most pleasing result of the season:
1) Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal
2) Liverpool 2-1 Everton
3) Liverpool 4-0 Marseille

Most entertaining game of the season:
1) 8-0 Besiktas
2) 4-2 Arsenal
3) 2-3 Chelsea (yes, I know, despite the result)

Most underrated player:
1) Martin Skrtel
2) Sami Hyypia
3) Dirk Kuyt

Young player of the season (PFA does 23 or younger, I’m using 21):
1) Ryan Babel
2) Lucas
3) Damien Plessis

(Torres turned 24 in March, Mascherano will be 24 in June, and Skrtel will be 24 in December)

Best Signing:
1) Torres
2) Skrtel
3) Yossi Benayoun

Best Goal:
1) Gerrard v Besiktas
2) Torres at Marseille
3) Gerrard at Villa

Worst performance of the season:
1) 0-1 Marseille
2) 0-0 Birmingham
3) 1-3 Reading

Stomach punch of the season:
1) 1-1 Chelsea (h; CL)
2) 2-3 Chelsea (a; CL)
3) 0-1 United (h)

Daylight Robbery:
1) 1-1 Chelsea (h)
2) 0-1 West Ham (a)
3) 1-1 Wigan (a)


Ace Cowboy said...

For best goal, I really liked Torres' screamer against Boro (the non-hat trick match). Shit, I'll take any one of his 30+.

Manton said...

No love in the top 3 for Babel's on-the-run back heel? Dunno about that, sir....

nate said...

I loved Babel's backheel; I'll most likely do a top-10 goals of the season (ideally with video, or at least links) and that'll probably make the top 5.

But it was a very good year for gorgeous goals, many of them coming through Torres.

Mike Georger said...

el zhar and lucas' respective cup goals were incredible. im more of a fan of the far out goals than trickery in front of net. i still think gerrard against 'boro is arguably the best goal ever scored for liverpool

the young player award is pointless nowadays, 24 is pretty much the start of the prime of a player's career. it should definitely by like 21 or so.

Ace Cowboy said...

"i still think gerrard against 'boro is arguably the best goal ever scored for liverpool"

Nice call, dude. I personally think that's the best goal ever scored in English football. But that's just me. Any time I want to get somebody into the sport, I immediately send them the YouTube of that goal.

Anonymous said...

Link to that goal?

skinny65 said...

Wow is babel really only 21? I've been way too hard on his inconsistency then.

Ace Cowboy said...

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFRO_uTqXRU

And, remember, he was on his way to Chelsea when he scored this...

Abhiram said...

Kuyt is simply great. Overcoming such a personal loss and getting relatively good haul of goals is, simply put, stunning. Even Sami, Skrtel, Mascherano and Lucas.

No need to praise Gerrard and Torres... They are simply beyond words. If one says, 'great' or 'awesome' keeping them in perspective, it would be looked as a disgrace to them.

Somehow, i am not very happy with Carra. he made some very bold tackles(Which could have earned him a red card and a pernaly for the opposition) when not required. Knowing him, such a great player, should play much better than that.

Aravind said...

Martin Skrtel.
what a find son, what a find!

nate said...

Perhaps I'm biased, because we've seen more outstanding goals from distance in past years, whereas thanks to Torres and Babel we've seen much more individual trickery and well as some lovely pass-and-move goals this season, and I've been favoring those as I've been going through all my goals clips.

More than anything though, I'm still a sucker for the goals like Gerrard's v Besiktas. Five passes, storming down the field cutting through Besiktas, including a delicious back-heel from Voronin to put Ste into space. Now that's archetypal Liverpool football.

Similarly, Crouchy's at West Ham last season and Gerrard and Torres combining against Newcastle this season (and Voronin against Sunderland this season to a lesser extent) are other goals in the same vein.

But crackers from distance will be well represented. I think I need to get the goals post done sooner rather than later.

nate said...

And so you can see what I'm talking about re:Besiktas.


The goal in question begins 3:51 in.