14 May 2008

Liverpool goals of the season 07/08

I’m doing this a bit different than in the past, in the hopes that the videos I’ve linked won’t be deleted (as in the past). Plus, not all the goals are still online. So I’ve gone through everything I have and created one big clip of all 10 goals.

Hopefully the YouTube video will stay up, but in addition, if you want to download it, there’s a link at the bottom of the post. The quality’s not the best but there’s only so much I can do with clips of different sizes and compression.

10) Lucas v Havant & Waterlooville – I went back and forth over putting this or El Zhar’s first goal against Cardiff here, but Lucas barely edges it for me. Both goals were classic shots from outside the box, but Lucas’ was arguably more important, as Liverpool had struggled to penetrate Havant’s defense to that point, and I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more like this from the player.
9) Torres v Chelsea – I almost put his last goal against Spurs in this spot, as they were quite similar and he arguably embarrassed Dawson even more than Ben Haim, but I’m going with the one for two reasons. One, it set the tone for things to come and two, what a pass from Gerrard.
8) Torres v Newcastle – Can’t say much else besides, “Wow, Torres and Gerrard have an incredible partnership.”
7) Aurelio @ Bolton – Another cracker of a first goal. Great control, even better strike.
6) Torres @ Boro – Without this moment of magic, Liverpool assuredly would have lost this game. And it shows the best thing about Torres: he can score every single type of goal. He’s utterly peerless, such a special player.
5) Gerrard @ Newcastle – No matter how often he scores from distance or how many amazing free kicks he hits, they’re all still stunners. Captain Fantastic indeed.
4) Babel v Besiktas – This one’s for Manton (as it’s prompted a debate whether it was better than Henry’s noteworthy back heel), but I’d have included it regardless. The fact that Liverpool put 8 past a comprehensively beaten Besiktas shouldn’t diminish from the goal by any means. It takes a lot of talent to pull off a trick like that, and it was a clever run into space to get into that position.
3) Gerrard @ Villa – Simply stunning free kick, and in the dying minutes of the first match of the season after Villa had equalized on an iffy penalty kick (by Gareth Barry…). Pity it didn’t set the precedent for the season that we’d hoped.
2) Torres @ Marseille – More than a few of Torres’ goals have come when he’s broken the ankles of defenders to beat his man, but this is my favorite simply for the way he embarrassed Julien Rodriguez. Normally a defender only throws him arm in the air like that when he has a case for offside…
1) Gerrard v Besiktas – Again, I am a complete sucker for pass and move team goals, especially ones that are set up by exceptionally clever back heels.

Honorable mention:
El Zhar v Cardiff
Benayoun @ Reading (Carling Cup)
Torres @ Derby
Babel v Derby
Torres’ 2nd v Boro

Download from Mediafire here


Manton said...

Just watched the #1 goal again and totally forgot about the best part - Ste sent the goalie the other way. Man was Besiktas just an ass beating

Aravind said...

4 Torres goals in the top ten. I'm not surprised. I predict 9 Torres goals in top 10 next season.

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about the Babel Besiktas goal...a little more happenstance and less vision than the Henry backheel but, hey, how old is Babel?

I hope Benitez can find a way to partner him with Torres and get him off the wing.

Steel said...

Torres' second v. Porto was glorious. (At 5:50 in the link.)

Mike Georger said...

also i think torres' third goal against ... reading? i think .. in the cup was awesome, he just pants the keeper

also MAN has his hair grown fast

Mike Georger said...

wow id forgotten how good the goal against villa was. unstoppable, absurd how much that ball dipped.
thought it was a good sign to start the season...

Django said...

Love the list, great compilation...but the Gerrard goal at #1 is questionable...the backheel from Voronin was beautiful, but I feel like the deflection off the defender takes some of the zip off of it. Regardless, high quality work as usual Nate.