13 March 2008

Predictions 3/15 - 3/17

Derby v Manchester Utd, 11am, Setanta: Derby’s objective, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, will be to lose by less than 3. United 4-0
Sunderland v Chelsea, 11am, Setanta Xtra: Sunderland’s home form should make the game closer than it appears on first glance, but I doubt it’ll be enough. Chelsea 2-1
Portsmouth v Aston Villa, 11am: Both teams are similarly placed in the league and in the hunt for Europe. Given Villa’s penchant for ties, having drawn their last two and finishing level against Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea on the road, I’m guessing it’ll end with honors even. 1-1
West Ham v Blackburn, 11am: Curbs and West Ham are under loads of pressure, with three successive 0-4 defeats, and one would imagine they’d have some response. Although Blackburn are currently in 8th, they haven’t been as impressive as I’d thought this season, and underperformed against both Newcastle and Fulham recently. 1-1
Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 1:15pm, FSC: Not only does Arsenal need a win in the league, I’m sure the squad still remembers their first loss of the season at the Riverside. Arsenal 2-0

Fulham v Everton, 9:30am, Setanta: Fulham’s won once in 2008. The return of Jimmy Bullard, who’s one of everyone’s favorites, should help (as it did against Blackburn), but Everton should be up for it after going out to Fiorentina, despite having played 120 minutes. Everton 2-0
Wigan v Bolton, 11am: Ahh, Lancashire derbies… 1-1
Manchester City v Tottenham, 12pm, FSC: City’s struggled of late, but Spurs went 120 minutes yesterday only to lose on penalties and have played 4 games in 2 weeks. Something has to give. 1-1

Birmingham v Newcastle, 4pm, Setanta: Keegan just has to get a win sooner than later, and this has become one of those relegation ‘six-pointers.’ Newcastle 1-0

129-130, with 29 exact scores so far this season.

Liverpool v Reading is 11am Saturday on FSC. Preview, and probably something about the CL draw, tomorrow.

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