26 March 2008

Links, etc 3.26.08

Another international break (official site’s report on who’s in action where), in the midst of a crucial run in the league, has meant there’s been little Liverpool news to discuss. And since the England/France friendly costs something like $25 on PPV (ha!), I won’t be seeing that.

But I can’t stand to see “Liverpool 0-3 United” at the top of the blog any longer. So here’s what I’ve found interesting today. I’ll also apologize in advance for writing even more about Mascherano.

• It’s been fairly quiet on the part of the owners, but MLS Rumors reports of an article in the Canadian press (which, unfortunately, is in French) claiming Gillett wants to be part of a Montreal MLS team. He's got Montreal ties with ownership of the Canadiens, but it's still strange given he’s supposedly financially-strapped. That is, unless he planned on selling the shares of one of his other “franchises.” There’s an English translation of the article in the post. Update: And now there's an English version.

• Surprise, surprise, Masch was officially charged with improper conduct. We’ll find out Friday if he’s suspended further and for how many games. Personally, and I’m clearly aware of his reaction, I’ll be interested to see how leaving the pitch within 30 seconds of being shown the red card is an “indecent amount of time” and how he acted "aggressively." Being aggressive is a bit different than being furious and needing to be pulled off the pitch. I mean, even Andy Gray defended Mascherano (the video’s been taken down, but RAWK’s helpfully provided a transcript).

FA Chair Lord Triesman thinks Steve Bennett did the right thing. I’ve said enough as it is, but I’ll add that it’s little surprise he chose to give the interview to a reputable publication like the Daily Mail.

Hyypia’s signing a new deal, which is excellent news. Since a couple of shaky moments and strange own goals soon after Agger’s injury, he’s adjusted to playing regularly and probably been Liverpool’s most consistent defender. Although I imagine he’ll see a lot less time next season, with Skrtel settling in and Agger hopefully healthy, it’s reassuring to know he’ll be there if needed.

Kewell’s injured again, and it’s another groin problem. I’ve written a lot of stupid things this year, but this Kewell post welcoming his “return” and imagining his impact was probably the most misguided. There’s a reason Benitez let him travel to Australia at this stage of the campaign, the same reason Kewell’s only had 15 appearances (9 starts) this season and hasn’t played since coming on against Barnsley.

The top-20 Premiership underperformers according to Who Ate All the Pies. Voronin’s way too high, given that he was a free transfer and always going to be 4th choice striker, while it’s sad to see Alonso on the list, but otherwise I can’t argue with much.

• Finally, while there’s no specific post to highlight, I want to link Unprofessional Foul, which is a blog I’ve really enjoyed recently. As they’ve been around for a few months now, I’d imagine most, if not all of you visiting this site have seen it, but if you haven’t, it should be a daily visit.

Predictions for this weekend’s games tomorrow. Everton preview Friday.


Mike Georger said...

bullshit charge, while someone who got banned by the fa is made english national team captain. worst country ever.

Anonymous said...

The Kewell piece isn't stupid... there were plenty of us who held out hope that he'd pull it all together and provide us with a threat down the left...

But, he's obviously a dead man walking now (well, maybe not walking so great with the fresh groin injury)... In retrospect, 5 million pounds doesn't seem like the steal it seemed back when we 'stole' him away from Leeds.

Betting on the Reds said...

Mascherano has accepted a charge of improper conduct and requested a personal hearing. Looks like he will get an extra two games on top of missing Sunday's game too. Time for Lucas to come in and prove he's good enough.