10 October 2007

Couple of links...

Normal service will resume shortly (stupid international breaks), but I really enjoyed this Tony Barrett article, and wanted to pass it along (although I imagine nearly everyone reads the official site).

I don’t agree with every word, but most of it is utterly spot on, and Tony Barrett is probably the best local Liverpool writer around.

So the message is simple - support the manager and support his methods. Let the critics have their say but never lose sight of the fact that we have one of the most tactically astute coaches in European football who has a record of success that few can get near and most envy.

Contrast that will the typical talking points promulgated by Kevin McCarra in the Manchester Guardian.

“The fear has re-emerged that the Spaniard's detailed, mechanistic approach is fitted to set-piece occasions but does not allow the spontaneity that made United champions last season and that has installed Arsenal at the head of the table.”

Ugh. Has he watched Liverpool on set plays?

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