15 October 2007

A brief word on Torres

I had ignored putting something up about Torres’s injury partly because it would only lead into another rant on the idiocy of midseason internationals, partly because I don’t like blaming any part of the team’s performance on injuries, and partly because I know people don’t come here for straight news, but the update posted on various sites today included a tidbit I couldn’t ignore.

Fernando sets sights on derby return

"I intend to be fit for Saturday," said Torres in an interview with Spanish radio station EFE.

"I don't want to miss out on the derby against Everton. I've been told how special the game is and I need to be ready in time.

I couldn’t possibly love him more.

Here’s a foreign player, in his first season at Liverpool and in England, and he already knows how important the Everton game is and will do all he can to be fit for it.

It’s that kind of mindset that has seen him adapt far quicker than I thought possible.

I’m still up in the air whether or not I think he’ll start, and will go back and forth in my mind all week long. It mainly depends on how his recovery goes, but Everton would kick him all over the pitch for 90 straight minutes if he starts, so maybe the best place for him is on the bench, to be used if needed.

But the fact remains that is the exact attitude you want in a player, and he’s said and done all the right things since moving to Merseyside.

Further apologies are due for the lack of content over the past week or so, but this international break has come at a time where a recharge of the batteries was warranted anyway.

I may have something up either before or after the England match on Wednesday, but normal service will resume later in the week when the important footie rolls back around.

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Is this betting said...

It's perfect for Rafa. He can't get slagged off for not starting with him and will frighten the life out of Everton if he does make the first XI.