02 July 2007

On Luis Garcia (for probably the last time...)

With Garcia set for a move back to Atletico Madrid, I can’t help but reminisce. I’ve been humming “You are my Sunshine,” the tune of Garcia’s song, all day long, and I imagine it’ll pop into my head more over the next couple of days. He truly will be missed. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Yes, Luis frustrated, Luis could be inconsistent, Luis gave the ball away too often, and Luis had the tendency to drift in and out of games. But very few have scored more meaningful or impressive goals, and very few fulfilled the niche for Liverpool that Garcia has over the past three seasons. 30 goals in 121 appearances is nothing to scoff at, especially considering his injury spells and the fact he’s often used as a sub. He’s probably been Liverpool’s most dangerous player in European competition in each of Benitez’ seasons. And without him it’s unlikely Liverpool lifts either the Champions League trophy or FA Cup.

But we must always give our goodbyes at some time. I don’t like looking at this as ‘in comes Torres, out goes Garcia.’ Obviously, the transfers are related, and Garcia’s move to Atletico should end up knocking a few million pounds off of Torres’ price, but at this stage, it looks like the deals are independent, seeing as Liverpool’s willing to let Garcia go before Torres officially signs. God forbid something happens and Torres doesn’t arrive (I fail to believe this will happen. It cannot happen.), I still imagine Garcia will depart.

He seems to want a move back to Spain, specifically Atletico, where he had a good spell in 2002-03. He’s 29, and will soon sign what will probably be his last big contract. Despite my affection for the player, and my belief that Liverpool needs the sort of creative spark Garcia brings, I can’t begrudge this move, and can do nothing but wish him all the best.

And in memory, here are my five favorite goals by Luis. All the best in Spain…

Juventus (2005 Champions League QF)

Chelsea (2006 FA Cup Semifinal)

Everton (03.25.06)

Charlton (10.23.04)

Arsenal (02.14.06)


Anonymous said...

I spent the weekend crafting my goodbye to Luis and, more or less, echo the sentiments you laid forth here.

When it comes down to it, I'd much rather him stay, but if having him pull on an Atletico jersey once again helps facilitate the Torres move, then so be it.

Thanks for the memories and the sangaria.

Manton said...

I really loved watching Luis and think that Liverpool needs more of these players, not less. But, he's had major knee surgery, he's 29, and Spain will lengthen his career.

I hate sports sometimes. He has to go and he should go but it still hurts.

All the best, Luis.