10 July 2007

Gaillard can go sit and spin

Remember when UEFA lackey William Gaillard tried to use the Football Supporters Federation as a crutch, saying that Liverpool fans had criticized their own to the federation? Well, in contrast to UEFA, the FSF went about collecting evidence and collating a 200-page dossier on the events surrounding the Champions League final.

Uefa gets blame for nightmare in Athens

A DAMNING report criticising governing body Uefa for the chaos at the Champions League final in Athens is to be released.

Well then. Oh, and it gets better.

But the FSF study pinpoints serious failings on the part of the governing body including:

Infrastructure problems with difficulties accessing the stadium, with no turnstiles or counters to stop those with rogue tickets.

Uefa’s paltry ticket allocation of 17,000 to fans of Liverpool and AC Milan.

Transport mayhem with angry fans facing cancelled flights on the way home and hours of delays.

The actions of police who used tear-gas and beat fans with batons.

So when is Gaillard handing in his resignation or is fired? And when is this report getting the same coverage that the “Worst fans in Europe” story received? The only news outlets I’ve seen making any mention of this report are the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post. Granted, the full report hasn’t been published yet, but that didn’t stop the media from commenting before.

Just another day in the life for UEFA.

Do one.

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