08 June 2007

Alonso signs new five-year deal

Xabi Alonso has joined Reina, Gerrard, and Carra in signing a new contract, pledging his future to the club until 2012.


This should certainly end speculation over his leaving. It will on my end.

I’ve made no secret of my fear that Xabi would leave over the summer to return to Spain. Coupled with the fact Liverpool has 5 central midfielders on the books, something looked likely to give. Thankfully, it won’t be Alonso.

Hopefully the end to speculation and a summer full of rest before the pre-season will revitalize Xabi, because admittedly, he wasn’t at his best this year. But when he’s on, he’s one of the best passers and classiest players in the game. Not just in England. In the world.

Something still seems likely to give. Today’s stories about Alonso’s contract also mention that extensions should be imminent for Sissoko and Finnan. With Gerrard and Alonso now with new deals, Sissoko looking likely to sign an extension, and Lucas about to arrive from Gremio, I would hope that Mascherano isn’t now the odd man out. 5 central midfielders, even if Lucas won’t play much in adjusting to England in his first season, is seemingly one too many.

I also sincerely hope that these new deals, while being warmly welcomed, aren’t the transfer activity Hicks et al were talking about. I promised myself I wouldn’t get edgy until at least the end of La Liga (June 17th), but it’s ever so hard to be patient during the summer, when report after report raises new rumors and expectations.

Being Sven has done an outstanding job so far covering all the transfer talk that I’m afraid to, in the fear of getting my hopes lost in the clouds. He’s collated all the rumors into one section, and there are mountains of rumors. If Liverpool ends up getting a third of the players alleged, it will be one hell of a summer.

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