26 April 2007

Prem Predictions 4/28-4/30

Chelsea v Bolton, 7:45am, FSC: Not really in the mood to talk about Chelsea, but suffice to say I highly doubt they’ll drop more points in the league after last week at Newcastle. Chelsea 2-1
Everton v Manchester Utd, 7:45am, Setanta: If Everton can get anything here, it’ll certainly make waves in the title race, as well as taking them one step further in the hunt for a UEFA Cup place. And Goodison should be full of it (as full of it as Goodison gets, mind you) following the sad loss of Alan Ball. But again, I don’t think one of the league leaders are going to lose pace tomorrow. United 3-1
Middlesbrough v Tottenham, 10am, FSC: Good news for Boro in signing Woodgate permanently, which Southgate has been trying to do all season, but I can’t help but think that now Woody’s locked up long-term, he’s going to break down again. Not that it’s quite meaningful for this match, though, just on my mind. Tottenham needs points and quick to get back into the European places, which, looking at their team sheet, they need to be amongst, but Boro can be very resilient at home. 1-1
Wigan v West Ham, 10am, Setanta Xtra: Outside of Liverpool’s match, this is the one I’m most interested in. If either team can get all 3 points, it will go a long way towards securing their safety. Heart says West Ham, given my sympathies towards the club, their play last weekend against Everton, and that this is probably their most winnable out of the last three games, but head says Wigan. They’re the home team, and West Ham have seemingly followed up all their moral victories with disappointments. Wigan 1-0
Blackburn v Charlton, 10am: There’s very little rhyme or reason to it, outside of liking Pardew and respecting what Charlton have done over the past 10 or so games, and especially given how they took advantage of being at home against Sheffield last week, but I think Charlton will surprise people here and give themselves hope of staying up. Blackburn’s been better of late, and even have an outside shot at a European place, but I am heartened by the fact that Charlton did beat them at the Valley in December. And with this prediction, I’ve contradicted what I wrote about the relegation race less than a week ago. I knew that would happen. Charlton 1-0
Manchester City v Aston Villa, 10am: City can’t score at home. Villa can’t do anything else but draw. Hmm, what to predict? 0-0
Sheffield Utd v Watford, 10am: With Watford relegated, they’ve got little to play for, but that could go the other way and free the reins a little bit. It’s alluring to again go against what I wrote earlier in the week and predict some Watford points, but I reckon Neil Warnock’s a good enough manager to have his side keep their foot on the gas. And yes, that sentence is me tempting fate. Sheffield 2-1
Arsenal v Fulham, 11am Sunday, FSC: Tough game for Fulham, who's still trying to avoid being drawn into the relegation fight. Tough game doesn’t even really cover it, no matter how disenchanted Arsenal’s looked during this poor spell. Also, the memory of Fulham beating Arsenal earlier in the year, which was probably Chris Coleman’s biggest ever win, just made me sad. I hope Cookie gets a decent job, and soon. Arsenal 3-0
Reading v Newcastle, 3pm Monday, FSC: Newcastle’s gash on the road, whereas Reading just keeps defying convention. That was a hell of an away win at Bolton last week, too. I know I said it just last week, but I want to reiterate it: I love watching Stephen Hunt play unless he’s playing against someone I root for. Reading 2-0

Liverpool at Pompey is at 10am Saturday on Setanta.

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