26 April 2007

A nice precedent for next week?

Well done to the Under-18s, who won the FA Youth Cup for the second year running. They beat Manchester United, who held a 2-1 advantage after the first leg, at Old Trafford.

In solidarity with their first-team brethren, they took it to penalties to win the Cup, holding off United through the rest of the match and extra time following Robbie Threlfall’s lone goal in the 55th minute.

Keeper Dave Roberts, who was the starter last year but played today because of an injury to Martin Hansen, saved the first penalty. Liverpool made all four of their attempts, and United’s captain Sam Hewson missed on the 5th.

Congrats lads, hope to see a few training with the first team in the future.

Also, congrats to Steve Heighway, who’s retiring as director of the Academy, and announced it on air post-match. Nice way to go out. An absolute legend of the club.

Match report - Official site

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Anonymous said...

Truly a great sign. I know Rafa has done his best to stock the cupboard full of youngsters so that we might actually produce 'a team full of Carraghers', therefore saving some cash.

Is there another Owen, Gerrard or Carra in this batch? Will they get a shot in the tightly contested Premiership, not just in the League Cup or the Reserves?

Having a strong Academy and youth policy (such as, oh, Arsenal) pays great dividends down the road. I'm happy to see them get such a great result, thus fostering the winning spirit and gearing these youngsters up for the next big step.