01 October 2006

This weekend in the Premiership

Charlton 1-2 Arsenal: Of course Darren Bent scores the week after I take him out of my fantasy team because he’s frustrating me. But of course, it’s not enough, and Robin van Persie pretty much single-handedly won Arsenal the game. Charlton hasn’t beaten Arsenal since 2001.

Chelsea 1-1 Aston Villa: Aston Villa again makes this post look intelligent. Martin O’Neill has worked serious wonders for that team. Chelsea got an early goal, which is usually enough to make lesser teams roll over, but it catalyzed Villa. They went searching for, and got, an equalizer, and Chelsea were unable to break them down for the rest of the game. Villa look to be serious contenders for a European place.

Everton 1-1 Manchester City: Andy Johnson scored his sixth goal of the season to continue as top scorer in the Prem, Micah Richards equalized in the last minute of injury time, and Joey Barton mooned the Everton fans after the final whistle. This game would have killed Joe Buck. Too bad he wasn’t announcing it.

Sheffield United 2-1 Middlebrough: I realize Gareth Southgate is a “project” as managers go, but if results don’t improve, Boro’s going to end this experiment sooner rather than later. As a Liverpool fan, I know Sheffield’s difficult to break down at home, but it looks as if Boro’s win over Chelsea in the second week is going to be the high point of their season.

West Ham 0-1 Reading: What happened to West Ham? They underperformed to start the season, signed the two Argentineans, and completely went to hell. No one’s scoring, Benayoun and Reo-Coker have been nowhere near as influential as last season, and nothing is going their way. This is their fifth straight loss. Meanwhile, Reading’s up to seventh, and continues to look to be this season’s Wigan.

Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle: United ran riot over Newcastle; only goalkeeper Harper kept the score as close as it was. Putting five men in midfield did nothing to hinder Manchester’s attack, and it prevented Newcastle from going forward themselves, allowing United to besiege them. Newcastle looked about as potent as they did in their 2-0 loss to Liverpool, United goes back to top of the league.

Blackburn 2-1 Wigan: Surprisingly an exciting back-and-forth game between two usually dour mid-table sides. Emile Heskey (!) scored in the 2nd minute, but Blackburn substitute keeper Jason Brown saved a penalty and they scored through David Bentley and Benni McCarthy.

Tottenham 2-1 Portsmouth: Pompey will go home unhappy, with the difference in the game the penalty given to Tottenham for Zokora’s dive in the box. Portsmouth deserved a draw out of the game; not only were they shafted with the penalty call, but they pressed Spurs the entire second half. Tottenham will be happy with the three points and two goals though, their first goals in the league since August 22nd.

Watford hosts Fulham tomorrow. It’s on FSC at 3pm.

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