31 October 2006

Noel White gone

Too busy getting hyped up over the Bordeaux game (less than 2 hours!), but this is worth mentioning, and I'll forget to post-match.

White quits after slur on Benitez

Turns out the speculation over the anonymous board member was correct. Word travels fast around Merseyside.

He gives the usual 'I didn't know what I was saying, I didn't mean to cause controversy' speech. No one's buying it. If you're a director at Liverpool for 21 years, you know the Liverpool way.

David Moores (who surprisingly came out of hiding to address the media) said it as best as he can:
"...[T]he board considers that the statements made do not reflect its own views and that this is not the Liverpool way of doing business. The proper place for debate is around the boardroom table.

"He [White] recognised that this made his position on the board quite untenable and he did the honourable thing by resigning."
Don't let the door hit you on the way back to Altrincham.

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