09 September 2006

Well, today sucked

Still too angry to sit back and actually write about the game so here’s some random mutterings:

- Liverpool played rubbish. 3-0 is unacceptable, especially for the derby. The score line flatters Everton, but Liverpool didn’t deserve any points for sure.

- Two clear penalty decisions, when Hyypia was fouled in the box and Hibbert’s handball, weren’t given. Fowler also had a penalty shout. Thanks, Graham.

- Cahill clearly fouled Alonso in the build up to the second goal. Thanks, Graham.

- Riise was definitely rushed back. Carragher probably was, but when Carra says he’s fit for the derby, you nod, smile, and put his name on the team sheet.

- I simply do not understand the decision to bring Riise on. Not only is he a health concern, but you’re also putting on a left-winger/defender on for a striker when you’re two goals down. Simply baffling.

- Both Hyypia and Carra were at fault for the second goal. Not one or the other.

- After last season I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I’m getting really frightened Pepe is turning into Dudek part II. Great first season, then increasingly mistake prone. I hope I’m overreacting.

- Sissoko was man of the match, not that it's saying much. He is simply fun to watch.

- Kuyt sure looks handy.

- Haven’t kept a clean sheet yet this season after keeping 30+ last season.

- Something is up with Xabi Alonso. He hasn’t been out of sorts enough to consider dropping him, but he’s been nowhere near his best since the World Cup.

- It’s still only the third game of the league. Liverpool’s not the only big team looking shaky at the moment. Arsenal and Tottenham are far off form, and Chelsea’s looked vulnerable. We’ll learn a lot more versus Chelsea on the 17th than we did today.

Roll on PSV.

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