22 September 2006

Let's get ready to litigate!

Liverpool ponder BBC legal action

Good. Along with Allardyce, Bond, Redknapp, and whomever else. They all pretty much have cases aside from the star of our show, Peter Harrison.

I finally got a chance to see the BBC documentary, and I was underwhelmed at best. Like many, if I lived in the UK, I’d be pissed my license fee went to that too. We learned nothing new. Corruption exists, and some agents are scumbags. Most agents just like to grease the wheels, which really is standard fare. Allardyce and his kid have some issues (we knew this back when the Nakata and Ben Haim transfers happened). Chelsea will tap up any youngster they can get their hands on (ask Ken Bates). Yawn. Don't get me wrong, my last post on this subject still stands. There's corruption in this sport (which doesn't make it different from any other sport) and it should be eradicated for the good of the game. But still. Yawn.

And the Liverpool segment was bogus beyond belief. Harrison’s out shopping the kid, and Liverpool gives him a meeting with Frank McParland, the Chief Scout, and Paco Herrera, a former assistant who worked with the reserves and scouting. The documentary never shows that the meeting was scheduled specifically to talk about Porritt, the kid in question. For all we know, the scouting department just took a meeting with an agent who does a lot of business in England, which of course, is an infrequent occurance. Harrison is the one who is shown bringing up the player and Liverpool commits to nothing. The best the BBC can show is McParland saying they’d offer him a contract when he turned pro at 17. When he’s of the age to sign his first pro contract and would be completely legal. Both Paco and McParland had such uneasy looks on their faces the entire time, especially when Harrison brings up he’s the one going around Boro’s back, you have to believe this wasn’t what they thought they were getting into.

You get the feeling the BBC put it in just so they could throw Liverpool under the same bus that rightfully hit Chelsea, just to get another name in the picture. And the Scousers have a bit of a right to claim London media bias. Hope someone wins a case against the Beeb here and gets them away from the trash journalism best left to Rupert Murdoch and The ***.

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Football Dave said...

"There's corruption in this sport ... and it should be eradicated for the good of the game."

Too true brother - Firstly it doesnt set a good example for the kids but more importantly it makes life very difficult for those hard working citizens like myself who like nothing better but to whack a bet on football over the weekend...