17 November 2015

Steven Gerrard: 710 Games, 186 Goals [Infographic]

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This is something I should have finished over the summer, but when I didn't, I promptly forgot about it. Whoops. A lack of football – or even any interesting football "news" – during yet another international break at least gave me the opportunity to finally do so. Sorry about that. Now, it's much less timely, but still fairly fascinating (if I may so say myself, etc etc).

The graphic is self-explanatory. Steven Gerrard played a lot of games for Liverpool, Steven Gerrard scored a lot of goals for Liverpool. Just because we're in a different place now – for better and for worse – doesn't mean we can't still bask it in.

For thoroughness' sake, here's my exhaustive, way-too-extensive spreadsheet for all the goals.

As per usual, these historical infographics simply wouldn't be possible without LFC History. This YouTube video of all 186 goals was also quite helpful.

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