15 January 2015

Goals Scored, Conceded, and Points per Game under Rodgers

Since I was curious, thought I'd put together a chart showing Liverpool's goals scored, goals conceded, and points per match since Rodgers became manager. I'm using a rolling six-match average to help weed out freak results.

I wish I hadn't.

Click on the image to open full-size in a new window. *spooky voice* If you dare…

Liverpool have rarely been consistently secure at the back; aside from the stretch to finish 2012-13 and to begin 2013-14, Liverpool's goals conceded totals are fairly static. Throughout Rodgers' tenure, it's all about the goals Liverpool score.

There's not much else to be said. Liverpool have slightly improved over the last few matches, evident in both style of play and results, but the first half of the season was the worst stretch during Rodgers' tenure. To be fair, the decline started with the loss to Chelsea last season, a loss which cost Liverpool the title, but – as I'm sure you remember – things continued to get worse from the beginning of this campaign.

If you're curious, here's a quick season total comparison:

And here's a Google spreadsheet with all the data.

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