11 August 2014

Interactive Map: Liverpool in Europe 1964-2014

This is so cool. And gorgeous. It's in the same vein as this previous map, showing where Liverpool's Premier League players were born, but so much more in-depth. I wish I could take credit for it, but I can't. Not much, anyway. No matter how much I'd like to.

It's an interactive map of every European match Liverpool have ever played, just in time for Liverpool's first Champions League campaign in five seasons. And as with the previous interactive map, it's courtesy of cartographer extraordinaire Eben Dennis of Colorado Reds.

Below is a screenshot, because the map's way too massive to embed into Blogger. You'll just have to click on the above link, or below image, and check it out yourself.

And the highlight stats:

Information is organized by campaign, competition, and opponent. There's the result and goal-scorers, date and venue, and even some video when available. Seriously, go lose half a day (or more) playing around with this. It's amazing.

And, as usual with almost anything related to Liverpool's history, this wouldn't have been possible without LFCHistory.net and their unbelievably thorough repository of Liverpool's matches.

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