17 April 2014

Liverpool Players' Goals by Game State [Infographic]

Luis Suarez is the king of scoring when Liverpool are already ahead – 21 of his 29 goals came with Liverpool in the lead – although Sterling's quite good at is as well. Which is little surprise considering how dangerous both are on the counter-attack, when running at defenders.

Conversely, 77% of Gerrard's 13 goals have been with Liverpool either tied or behind by a goal, including all three of his non-penalty goals. 80% of Coutinho's five goals came in the same situation.

Skrtel's the only player with more than one goal to have scored all of his goals with the game 'still in the balance' – one goal with Liverpool behind by a goal (at Cardiff), three goals to give Liverpool the lead (at Chelsea, v Arsenal, and at Cardiff), and three goals with Liverpool ahead by just one (v Fulham, v Arsenal, v City).

Liverpool have scored only once when behind by two goals: Sturridge against Villa, a match that Liverpool went on to draw. Although, to be fair, Liverpool have been behind by two goals for just 42 minutes this season: for 31 minutes in the 0-2 loss at Arsenal, for the last three minutes of the 1-3 loss at Hull, and for eight minutes against Villa.

And, strangely, all four of the own goals scored by Liverpool's opponent happened with the score tied. Liverpool went on to win all four of those matches. As I've said more than a few times this season, it's better to be lucky and good.

Here's another way of looking at it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. This season, I think all the +2s have been more important [for my heart] than the +1s considering that we always seem to score first. It's only when we're up two, do we get to really exert control, with the exception of City just now.

CStars said...

Excellent work as always. I've been a fan for quite a long time and this infographic is illuminating. Comes at a key time too with Sturridge injured!

Anonymous said...

Skrtel scored twice against Arsenal in the 5-1 thrashing of Gunners. Guess there should be one under +4 for him.

Anonymous said...

OG and Gerrard's pens have been big for us. Interesting to see how big a slice(s) of Sturridge's pie chart are blue and green. Many important goals for him too. Hope to see Suarez add to his blue and red on Sunday.

Skrtels 2 goals against Arsenal were the 1st and 2nd goals. (For you Nate, a leetle help from de friends).