10 January 2014

Follow-up: More Maps, Better Maps [Interactive]

This time, the sequel is much, much better than the original.

As a follow-up to Wednesday's maps, two vastly superior interactive versions, courtesy of Eben Dennis.

The first is a more fun version of what I posted: one where you can zoom in, click on each continent and country, and get a full list of players from that region.

The full-size version is available here.

But much more impressive is this version, where you can see the city for each individual player, and click on a icon to get a few stats as well. Below is a screenshot, with a link that'll take you to the full map, which is far too detailed to embed. Go. Go now. You'll stay for at least an hour, or you have no soul.

These are wonderful, and I wish I could take full credit for them, but I absolutely cannot. Eben's website is Chartophile, for all your mapping needs, and if you're ever near Denver, Colorado on match day, I highly recommend checking out Colorado Reds.

And, as with the previous post, this simply could not be done without the data from LFCHistory.net.

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