18 December 2013

Timeline: Luis Suarez's Premier League Goals

Ben Pugsley of StatsBomb – a website you need to be reading and following on Twitter; this is not a suggestion, it's a requirement – published an excellent, excellent article on Suarez's scoring rate today. It (both the article and Suarez's scoring rate) is outstanding. There's little I can add to it.

However, being the visual learner that I am, I wanted another chart to emphasize just how much Suarez's scoring rate has improved during his Liverpool tenure. So I made one.

As usual, click to open larger version in new window

Holy wow.

After 44 league appearances, Suarez had 15 goals. After 88, he's got 55.

It goes without saying, but long may it continue.

(PS: If you haven't clicked on the link to that StatsBomb article yet, you're fired. Pack your desk and security will escort you out.)


Anonymous said...

I'm heading straight to the unemployment line with AvB, Mourinho who's taken over AvB's offensive strategy and showing Chelsea how to score like Spurs, and Moysey who's praying he makes top half of the table so that Fergie is not too permanently embarrassed to visit the locker room. Andre has promised to bring his case of cokes and big bag of Doritos. Yea!

Anonymous said...

Xmas came early, Suarez signed new deal :)

Anonymous said...

Suarez new deal thru 2018 will likely also price Madrid out of the market for his services. Hard to fathom FP would pay 100 mil quid, or so, transfer fee and 10 mil pound annual salary after the recent Ronaldo and Bale deals. Can't see it now.

Luis will be absolutely thrilled with the 10 mil annual salary. It always was very important to him, as it should be. He'll now be one of the top earners in the Prem, as he should be.

Hats off to Tom Werner and John Henry. Audacious move. Would not be surprised at all, to see Luis now at Anfield thru 2018.