26 March 2013

March Madness: The Liverpool Edition

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189 players have featured for Liverpool since the 1992-93 season, the beginning of the Premier League. From that list comes 64 (no play-in games!), with seeding based on an intangible mix of what they achieved at Liverpool and personal preference. We're limiting this to players from the Premiership era because it's a handy dividing line; most of us have seen most if not all of the players involved and going back much further would probably drive me insane. It was hard enough picking 64 from the last 20 years.

Feel free to argue over all of the seedings and pairings. I think that's the point of this. Are Mølby, Barnes, Rush, etc. are ranked too high considering the timeframe? Wonder what players who've signed in the last two seasons did to deserve spots on this list? Are all the 16 seeds just there for comedy value? Actually, the answer to that last one is a simple "Yes" but otherwise, there's lots to debate!

Voting will start tomorrow over at The Liverpool Offside, and all voting will take place there during the next week and a half. Because they're willing to handle this fiasco; I was more than comfortable with just dropping this bracket in your laps and letting you argue about it amongst yourselves. But, through next Friday, we'll actually pick a winner over at their place. There also might be punch and pie, but no promises.

I think we all know who'll win, but let's have some fun getting there.


Waldo said...

A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man!

Anonymous said...

Umm... so Traore get's murderized by Gerrard?? Well it's character building for the lad (Traore) at any rate....

Anonymous said...

How did you figure out which players ended up in which bracket? Just curious. Great idea though, tons of fun.