30 August 2012

The Night Before Deadline Day

Twas the night before deadline day on Merseyside
All the creatures were stirring, with Jim White as our guide
Carroll was loaned out, Liverpool's cupboards were bare
But everyone knew soon a striker'd be there!

The ITKs logged onto Twitter and said
Rodgers promised a signing, we'll get a new Red!
A new number nine, one who can score a big goal
The last was a bust, he ran like a foal

Now Llorente! Now Sturridge! Now Cavani and Messi!
Now Huntelaar, Lewandowski, Loic Remy, or Dempsey!
To Sky's Transfer Ticker, that fine yellow bar!
To the top trending topics, they'll know who they are!

And on my TV and on my computer
I saw every name and heard every rumor
One had to be true, which one could it be?
It's almost deadline day, I can't wait 'til I see!

The timer counts down, soon Big Ben will toll
And we'll all know the striker who'll score that big goal
Jim White will come on with a grin and he'll say
"Happy Deadline Day all, Liverpool just bought Pelé!"


David Whitmore said...


Subhro Mitra said...

Hello Nate,
I have been following your blog for sometime. Needless to say, it is brilliant; very technical and scholarly. It helps me understand the game better.
About this fine piece, I'll say this- you've just upgraded yourself to a modern day Alexander Pope.
Yes yes, I know... But since when has life been fair to us!