06 June 2012

A History of The Euros

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson Nate. I didn't realize that the Soviet Union made it to 3 of the first 4 euro cup finals. Or at least that's what I think I learned. It's kinda hard to tell with some of the icons being flags and some being team colors. U.S.S.R. and Turkey are virtually indistinguishable. Maybe a simple label next to to the icons would make this info graphic more accessible.

Keep up the good work.


nate said...

One of my main goals with this was to do it without words – hence, no key, no labels, just icons (almost all with flags).

The only two countries not denoted by flags are the two known by colors which don't appear in the flag: the Oranje and the Azzurri. Well, Greece too, I guess, but that's just because there wasn't room for the sort of detail that goes into the Greek flag.

My hope was a darker shade of crimson would do enough to differentiate between USSR and Turkey, but I understand that not coming across; I did worry about that when creating these. So I went back and added Turkey's star and crescent. Initially wanted to avoid that sort of fine detail, but I guess it's unavoidable with so many countries.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the notes.

drew said...

1992 remains awesome. First football tournament I paid proper attention to; was not disappointed.

Gonna go look up some Laudrup vids now in fact.

vinnie said...

you could add the white cross on blue square to the left of greek flag, that's a simple yet prominent feature