15 April 2012

Never Forgotten

Hillsborough Justice Campaign
Hillsborough Family Support Group
The Hillsborough Football Disaster
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• Sheila Coleman: Hillsborough 23 Years On
• The Anfield Wrap – Hillsborough: Still Waiting for The Truth
• Dave Kirby: The Justice Bell


Brian said...

I've always found you to be absolutely nuts and bolts nate, favoring the x's and 0's, 6's and 7's over the petty politics of the boardroom shenanigans and transfer rumor mongering. That being said, I really appreciated your post today; as an American following the reds it is easy just to forget what has really shaped what exactly has made Liverpool what they are today. The argument can be made that Hillsborough and Heysel have had more of a shaping impact than anything else of the modern era. Thank you for bringing such a reminder to the forefront, the thought of what YNWA truly means always sends chills down my spine.

Calico Jack said...

Thanks Nate for providing such an excellent, insightful blog to LFC Fans. What happens off the pitch in terms of the of supporters is what truly makes LFC a special and unique club. Cheers, CJ