23 December 2011

Infographic – Captain Fantastic

I've been working on this sporadically for a few weeks. It's not finished, as Gerrard's career isn't finished, but I thought I'd open the floor for comments. Consider it an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah, very late Diwali or Ramadan, etc) gift.

All stats from the indispensable LFCHistory.net. Full-size version, in new window, available here.

Maybe this is better termed a "draft." It will obviously be updated when Gerrard retires in a decade or so (here's hoping!), and there are undoubtedly more stats I could and should have included. Plus, I'm not sold on the title layout. I welcome any and all suggestions, even more than usual.

But I couldn't wait that long to break it out, and these few days between Wigan and Blackburn presented the opportunity. He'll be back on the pitch soon, adding to these extraordinary totals, and it's not like there's anything to write about in regards to off-the-pitch matters or Liverpool's Uruguayan striker.

Preview for Monday's match against Blackburn up when I get a chance tomorrow. Have a happy holidays.


pund said...

Would love to see Steven back in action over christmas.

He will return to what I think is the best Liverpool team since Alan Hansens late 80s side - IMO.

Lucian said...

Thanks Nate for all your efforts in educating us , looking forward to reading your objective, incisive and passionate articles.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Fantasy Premier League Hints Blog said...

Did Liverpool miss out on a trick by not signing Hatem Ben Arfa? A good midfield partner for Gerrard? He has won four french titles and is comparable with the likes of Benzema and Nasri. Here are my reasons as to why he is a decent player:


Mike Georger said...

Nate I would buy that as a print, just a heads up.

nate said...

Hot damn, because that's the long-term goal. Made it 11x17" for a reason. That's something I'm planning on looking into, both for this graphic in the future (read: when stats are 'finalized') and other types of "comprehensive" infographics.

Thanks for the heads up, Georger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nate for putting in the time to maintain this site and for making such lovely graphics. I rarely comment, but check the site daily!

I think the graph in the top right would look better if the number of goals were on the graph itself instead of the numbers corresponding to which competition. As is, it's a little difficult to decipher. I read the list underneath as rankings, and it took me a while to realize that even though the FA Cup is listed second, it is third in terms of goal total. Maybe that's my own idiocy, or maybe it would look better if the segments were listed in descending size order. No matter what, it looks good!

Anonymous said...

Nice graphic, and hoping you can add a league title before he calls it a career. Only suggestion is to clarify the 1st half/ second half chart. At first I thought it was 1st half of the season, but now I think you meant 1st half of games. But it's possible everyone else got it first look and I'm the drunken idiot; it is 3:51 AM...

nate said...

1st Anonymous:

Thought it looked a little cramped when putting the actual tallies on the pie chart rather than corresponding numbers. That I didn't want to put tallies in the circle for the other two pie charts was a second reason I went with that method. Thought descending order made it look too formulaic, but if it's hard to decipher, maybe I should do it that way.

2nd Anonymous:

Would it be better if it read "1-45'" where it currently says "1st Half" and "46-90'" for "2nd Half"? Only reason I didn't do that was some of the second half goals came in extra time, so thought that way might be more confusing. Plus, more numbers might obfuscate even more. Hopefully, it was just a 'too-early/late-for-comprehension' thing.

Thanks for comments, all.