29 March 2011

Infographic: Liverpool Injuries 2010-11

Liverpool have had 43 separate injuries to first team players since the beginning of August. The above graphic shows only 38 for two reasons. First, there are two different Gerrard groin injuries listed in February. However, since he didn't play any matches in the meantime, I'm only counting it as one. Second, I'm not counting illnesses. Just actual injuries.

Only four players with more than 10 appearances this season don't appear on this list: Lucas, Maxi, Kyrgiakos, and Jovanovic. But the latter three all missed at least one game due to virus or illness. Evidently, durability is another Lucas asset which often goes unmentioned. Unsurprisingly, Agger features the most often, with five different afflictions: concussion, calf strain, groin strain, back injury, and thigh strain.

38 injuries is almost the exact amount as during the same time frame last season; There were 37 reported from August 2009 through March 2010 (again, not counting illness). But both seasons have been above Liverpool's recent average. There were 25 reported injuries during the same stretch of 2008-09, 27 in '07-08, 31 in '06-07, and 33 in '05-06. I'm sure it's just coincidence that Liverpool's best points haul came in the season with the fewest casualties.

Which is yet another woe to add to the vast list of often-unlucky calamities that Liverpool have dealt with since the summer of 2009. Ideally, last summer's overhaul of the medical department will bear fruit sooner rather than later.

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vinnie said...

Interesting infographic. I'm still no over the fact that we had a bad run of 5 injuries in 2 games!

Has the injuries got anything to do with the paper thin squad? Off the top of my head, the season we did the best, with least injuries, has decent squad players for rotation. We hav babel (his best season), riera (peaked early before his decline), benayoun super sub, 4 centre back in their best of form etc