25 February 2011

Buy a Brick for Every Goal Scored Against Man Utd

This is not my idea, but I'm incredibly happy to support it.

CSD over at Paisley Gates has suggested a novel way to acknowledge Kenny Dalglish's massive impact on Liverpool FC. I'll let him explain it:

Since Kenny Dalglish has been so generous to return to the club and bravely steer what appeared to be a doomed ship back into calmer waters, we should make a small gesture to repay him. The best way I could think of is supporting his wife’s charity, the Marina Dalglish Appeal.

What I am proposing is that for every goal that Liverpool score against Manchester United on March 6th, we buy a brick to support. The charity has already had great success with completing projects such as the development of a Radiotherapy Centre at Aintree University Hospital, the Marina Dalglish Chemotherapy Centre at Aintree & Fazakerley Hospital, and a Radiotherapy Centre at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology. The “bricks” are only £5 a piece and you get a nifty online certificate when you buy one to show which virtual brick is yours. Currently, the charity is raising money for future efforts to benefit cancer patients in the Northwest with new plans to be announced soon.

At a minimum, I'll be donating £5 after the United match, but I truly hope it's more. I can't thank CSD and Paisley Gates enough for starting this. I encourage everyone to read his original post and please contribute.

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