19 May 2010

Infographics Update

Figured I'd update two of the graphics rolled out during the season: Points per game through eight games and 2008/09 vs 2009/10 Results Comparison.

The thicker, brown (I thought the color was fitting) dashed line in the middle of the graphic represents this campaign: one of only three seasons in the last 11 where Liverpool regressed after the first eight games. The other two years were Benitez's first campaign – 04/05 – and Houllier's penultimate – 02/03 – where Liverpool were unbeaten through eight (5W-3D) after ending the previous campaign in second place, before finishing with just a point more than this year's total. Sounds vaguely familiar.


This season, Liverpool had a worse record against United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Villa, Fulham, City, Wigan, Pompey, Blackburn and Sunderland – exactly half the division. They improved results against Everton, West Ham and Stoke, and accrued the same number of points against Spurs, Bolton and Hull. And Liverpool were three points worse against this year's promoted teams than last year's relegated sides.

Of the teams that Liverpool had a worse record against, Chelsea, Arsenal, Villa, City, Blackburn, and Sunderland improved their points total this season. United, Fulham, Wigan, and Pompey regressed, yet still took more points off Liverpool. Of the sides Liverpool improved its record against, West Ham were far worse this year, while Everton were marginally worse and Stoke marginally better. Finally, Liverpool continues its streak of dropping three or more points to relegated sides in each of Rafa's campaigns (at least one loss in four years, two draws in '05-06 and '06-07).

All in all, just like this season's results, these "updates" aren't all that encouraging.


Matt said...

Thought you'd appreciate ZM's players of the year:

In addition to Mr. Golden Gloves, there's a left-for-dead former Red, and my pick to replace Mascherano if he bolts for Spain.

nate said...

Didn't think I could love ZM's site more, but that he actually picked Reina as keeper of the year – in contrast to the multitude of idiots who picked Gomes or Hart – makes it so.

I also noticed he's taken a fair amount of stick on Twitter and in the comments re: Riise. Not surprising. JAR was fantastic from 2001-07, but started to decline in England. The pace and tactics of Serie A have extended his top-level career, and as ZM states, he meshes perfectly into that Roma side. Round pegs fit nicely into round holes...

Also, Pizarro can't be your pick to replace Masch IF. One, he's a deep-lying playmaker more in the mode of Pirlo or Alonso. Two, he's 30. Classy player though.

My only critique of ZM's team is that Maicon eats Alves for breakfast. And he scored the goal of the season.


Saw that live on telly and nearly shit my pants. Good lord.