15 April 2010

96 Never Forgotten

A thought for the families who lost loved ones at Hillsborough 21 years ago today. Still fighting for justice, still searching for the truth. 'You'll never walk alone' never seemed more fitting.

Hillsborough Justice Campaign
Hillsborough Family Support Group
The Hillsborough Football Disaster
Don’t Buy The Sun
Guardian article on current Hillsborough panel
Liverpoolfc.tv tribute page


drew said...

Not the emotional type, me, but knew I wouldn't make it out of there dry-eyed. Actually I'm not sure I could go to another one, such a gutwrenching thing.

Saw quite a few Everton shirts and scarves in the crowd, good on them. Also good, the owners were nowhere near.

Did anyone watch it online?

YNWA -- Justice for the 96

Anonymous said...

What is all this justice I always hear about? Weren't they crushed by fellow Liverpool supporters?

nate said...


Read some of the links in the above post. Thanks.

CSD said...

Having the club officially up for sale is the best news that we could have after yesterday.

drew said...

Well, the best news would be the authorities finally admitting their culpability and all parties retracting their vicious lies, signalling their genuine motivations by paying reasonable damages to the families and endowing a fund in the name of the HJC to commemorate the avoidable disaster and ensure it never happens again.

Also, the offices of the Sun to burn down--all parties making out alive, of course, except for the one casualty when they have to batter their way successively through rooms stacked high with the now-flaming mounds of shit that fills their pages, and Kelvin Mackenzie is the only object nearby thick enough to do the job. (And meanwhile an ocean away Steven Cohen burns away, shrieking, sharing the fate of his long sundered twin, to whom he is still connected by an invisible fibre of stupidity and hate.)

But yeah, apart from that the sale of the club is pretty good.