08 January 2010

Liverpool v Tottenham Postponed

It's been a lovely winter so far, both on the pitch and weather-wise. And with conditions likely to worsen over the weekend, Liverpool appealed to have Sunday's match against Spurs postponed. Thankfully, the league complied.

According to a club spokesman:

"Although the Anfield pitch is perfectly playable for the game, the problem we face is the icy condition of the approach roads and paths in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. The safety of our fans is paramount and an assessment of both the prevailing conditions and the weather forecast for the next 48 hours has been made in arriving at the decision to call off the match."

Pfft. There's probably no conspiracy given how many other matches have been called off, but I think it's clever. With a midweek FA Cup replay, the rearranged fixture will come after Mascherano returns from his four-game ban. The new date hasn't been announced yet, but with the amount of matches imminent, the game probably won't be played for at least a month, which would mean Johnson, Riera, and Kelly could be fit. Maybe Liverpool will have made a signing (or two!!!) before then. Hell, maybe the form will finally improve.

Clever, clever Liverpool. I blame that crafty Spaniard.

Weather permitting, the next match is Wednesday against Reading.


Raatzie said...

Spurs will have Lennon back, and possibly David James (though Gomes has had a nice run of clean sheets as of late).

Advantage spurs.

dalglishious said...

"And with conditions likely to worsen over the weekend..." I wasn't much looking forward to this one either.

I was, however, looking forward to another start by Aquilani...I hope he's fit enough by now to take his place besides Lucas or Masch for the rest of the year.

nate said...

Lennon's in fine form and I truly worry about him up against Insua, but having Mascherano back is far more of an advantage.

James and Gomes are a wash. Gomes has been steadier since his first few months.

andrea asyraf said...

Oh the match postponed is so disappointing. Yeap, I was looking to another start by Aquilani, I think Lucas has far more better game when he is in pair with Aquilani rather than Masch. Stevie indeed. Yea, I did agree Masch so much of ball winner and great man for the defensive, but lads, it is the time for us win points, and here we are at Anfield, with Lennon and Assou Ekkoto out, I bet this should be the great moment for Rafa to concentrate on attacks. But? Pffttt.

Anonymous said...

Was lookin' forward to the match!