20 March 2009

CL Quarterfinal Draw

Villarreal v Arsenal
Man Utd v FC Porto

Liverpool v Chelsea
Barcelona v Bayern Munich

Well, I was one of four on the predictions, just like expected. Pity it was the game I cared the least about.

For the 23rd time in the last five seasons, Liverpool will face Chelsea. It's the fifth straight year they'll have met in the CL.

Meanwhile, United and Arsenal are matched up with what are arguably the two weakest sides. And paired on the same side of the bracket. Super. Feels like Platini should have given United a bye to the final and gotten it over with.

And to put the boot in, the first leg's at Anfield. At least Liverpool doesn't have to play on April 15.

We've seen players, managers, and fans alike say Liverpool's good enough to beat anyone in Europe. Well, they'll have to beat the best if they want to make it to Rome. Just like the European Cup should be.

Back in a little while with the Villa preview.


Anonymous said...

lucky lucky man utd

beating a resurgent chelsea with drogba in the mood is not the easiest task but we will get through

make us dream rafa!

muffins said...

We've played Chelsea 23 times in the last five seasons? Effing hell. No wonder why I'm sick to death of the sight of them.

I think we'll get through once the shine of Hiddink wears off.

Besides, we'll avenge last season's semi-finals.

Mike Georger said...

What the fuck? Why is the second leg not determined by the highest coefficient?

And I don't see Arsenal having a chance honestly, Senna is going to shut down their pansy ass midfield.

scott said...

I could barely design a draw that bad. The only way that the draw could be more annoying is if we swapped Bayern for Man U. That is a terrible draw for us in several ways. I don't see any way that Man U doesn't make the final, and we have to go through two of Europe's best to meet them there. Not to mention the first leg of the quarters being at Anfield. Disappointing.

All the same, we have been irrepressible of late, so we can get it done. Chelsea hasn't had the best time with us this term, as I recall.