15 January 2009

Seek and ye shall recieve, I reckon...

Abhiram's comment from the last post:
Hey Nate, a new post with Liverpool transfer rumors and Alonso injury update will help now. There seems to be a lull created here after a hectic discussion in the aftermath of the Stoke game :).
I had an answer all typed out in the comments, and it's mostly in regards to Agger, but it started to get long, so I reckon I'll put it up as a new post. 25 comments on the last one really is too much to scroll through anyway.
In regards to Liverpool's transfers - as a warning, this is me writing out of my ass, but that's what blogging's all about. And here's what I see. Aside from other teams' silliness (wtf Man City!?!), I'm barely paying attention to the window.

I don't expect Liverpool to buy anyone, nor do I expect Liverpool to sell anyone unless a team's dumb enough to pay cash for Pennant, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

Maybe my biases show in this, because Agger is absolutely, unconditionally, my favorite defender on the team, but I do not believe he'll be sold. Every interview he's said he wants to stay at Anfield, and from what I've seen, he only wants a pay raise to £70k a week, which doesn't seem exorbitant. I truly think this most recent Milan talk, with his agent seen talking to AC club officials, is just his agent stirring up trouble. I am always inclined to believe Tony Barrett in the Liverpool Echo.

And £7.5m is a fucking laugh. A. Fucking. Laugh. With 18 months left on his contract, Dan Agger is worth at least double that on his worst day. Especially if Milan starts rolling in that filthy lucre from selling Kaka. Which is yet another reason I've been hesitant to believe these rumors.

Admittedly, I am furiously knocking on wood as I write this, and there seems a good chance it could come back to bite me. The owners rarely have two nickels to rub together (if they're even on speaking terms), Rick Parry's incompetent when it comes to transfers, and the rumors have picked up pace. Danish media are treating this as if it's going to happen.

If it's not just about money, the only thing I can think of is Agger and his agent are concerned by the hold-up over Rafa's new contract. Which, admittedly, frightens me more than anything.
For the upcoming week: I'll have the Everton preview up tomorrow, the usual match review after the fact, and a post with a bunch of book reviews sometime next week.


Abhiram said...

Thank you :) ...
I will be devastated if Agger left. After carrying him for the whole of last season, if Agger does not show his loyalty for a few bucks, then i guess he does not deserve a team like LFC.
As you have mentioned about Rafa's contract, i am not getting why it should take so long to sign a finalized contract? I hope Agger might be waiting for the Gaffer to sign his contract first and then the Dane will sign his. Keeping my fingers corssed.
I would like to see off Pennant ASAP. Seeing Insua playing so well and making LB his own, we don't need 3 players competing for the spot. Aurelio and Insua can compete for the LB spot and Dossena is surplus to requirements. Should see what happens.

nate said...

well, unfortunately, here's an answer on the rafa contract issue.


great, another round of rafa v. parry. super.

Steel said...

Pennant to Portsmouth!