29 November 2008

10 years of magic

Today’s the 10th anniversary of Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool debut, as I’m sure you’re aware since the official site’s been touting it for the last two weeks. And rightfully so. The man’s an utter genius at football, one of the absolute best players I’ve had the chance to see in their prime. He’s single-handedly won innumerable games for the club, and has probably already sealed his place in the all-time best Liverpool XI. And as Benitez said today, there’s still room for improvement.

So in celebration, here are 10 of my favorite Gerrard goals.

My video collection is somewhat lacking, so the earliest goals are from Benitez’s first season. Which means we’re without the screamers against Southampton and United, among others. This video has many of the best from those years, except for his first goal for the club.

Chances are I’m still missing a few from those four-plus seasons, but these ten sure are super. No prizes for guessing the top two.

Here’s hoping for another 10 years.

• Aston Villa 04.29.06
• Newcastle 11.24.07
• Bolton 01.01.07
• Marseille 09.16.08
• Arsenal 01.09.07
• AC Milan 05.25.05
• Aston Villa 08.11.07
• Boro 04.30.05
• West Ham 05.13.06
• Olympiakos 12.08.04


Rob Marrs said...

All 100 goals of his:




The last 2 or 3 (since his 100) are missing.



Mike Georger said...

i recommend 'steven gerrard: my story" to anyone who hasnt seen it. not only is it essentially his life story but its got all of his best goals and games with him talking about them. fantastic stuff, once you get used to the accents.

still think hes the best all around player in the world, noone could convince me otherwise. he could play any position other than keeper and be good enough for any XI in the world.

Abhiram said...

Chelsea drop points.HURRAYYY!!!!!!!
I hope we take advantage of this mistake.