01 November 2007

Predictions 11/3 – 11/5

This Daylight Saving Time nonsense is nearly over. Saturday’s games will be an hour later than usual, including Liverpool v Blackburn (1:15pm, FSC), but we’ll be back to normal come Sunday.

Arsenal v Manchester Utd, 8:45am, Setanta: With both teams playing so well, it seems like this has to end with honors even. My hope is that we’ll get an all-action and exciting game like Liverpool against Arsenal last week, but I have a bad feeling this one will be cagey, and both teams will end up settling for the draw. 1-1
Newcastle v Portsmouth, 11am, FSC: No matter how well Pompey’s playing of late (I wouldn’t put too much stock in the home loss to Blackburn in the Carling Cup yesterday), Newcastle’s still unbeaten at home. 2-1
Wigan v Chelsea, 11am, Setanta: Did you see Chelsea last week? Chelsea 3-0
Middlesbrough v Tottenham, 11am, Setanta Xtra: Juande Ramos will make a difference in Tottenham’s fortunes, if only to catalyze the players into action, as it seems Jol lost control of the dressing room. Boro’s not a bad side at home, and Ramos won’t work miracles right away (especially in Spurs’ defense), but this is a game Tottenham should be winning. Spurs 2-1
Aston Villa v Derby, 11am: Again, I reiterate, Derby on the road. In case you’re wondering, they still haven’t scored away from Pride Park. Villa 2-0
Everton v Birmingham, 11am: Birmingham’s been the best of the promoted teams, and they’ve done it by beating those near them in the table (Wigan, Bolton, Derby), but Everton at Goodison is probably too tough a mountain to climb. Everton 2-1
Fulham v Reading, 11am: With the number of Americans involved in this game, I'm stunned it's not on FSC. Reading’s playing better of late, but Fulham still looks likely to pick up draws at home more often than not. 1-1
West Ham v Bolton, 11am Sunday, FSC: I still don’t trust Gary Megson to be the answer at Bolton, but with the amount of injuries West Ham’s suffering, especially on the front line, I think Bolton might get their 2nd point of the season on the road. No matter how Bolton’s playing, Anelka certainly looks like he’ll continue scoring. 1-1
Man City v Sunderland, 3pm Monday, Setanta: City will be out for revenge following the drubbing they suffered last week. Under Erikkson, it looks like City’s going to continue to play an attacking, expansive style, and few teams will be able to punish them as Chelsea did. City 2-0


Anonymous said...

FYI Fulham-Reading is on FSC at 5.30PM Saturday.

Excellent work as always Nate.

nate said...

Cheers. I'm bad about paying attention to which games are delayed on FSC if Liverpool's not involved, but it seemed like Fulham or Reading was on FSC every week last season. When they're playing each other, with something like 4 Americans likely to start, it seems like FSC is dropping the ball, especially to show Chelsea at Wigan.

And as always, much thanks, the praise is more than appreciated.