03 March 2007

Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United

This is going to be an awful review, but given the circumstances, I’m surprised I’m even attempting one.

United snatches it at the death, on an undeserved free kick. And it’s John O’Shea with the winner, when the ball bounces right to him after Reina blocked Saha. Awful memories of Ferdinand snatching one at the death two years ago, but even worse. Exponentially worse due to the fact Paul Scholes had been sent off less than 10 minutes earlier for petulantly attempting to punch Xabi Alonso (and missing), and Edwin Van der Sar making the save of the game on Crouch less than 5 minutes earlier. In a game where Liverpool were the better team for the majority, with Ronaldo and Giggs silenced until the late goal and Carra and Agger dominant with something like only three shots allowed. Liverpool’s first home loss since Chelsea in the fall of 2005, and the first goal given up at Anfield in over 15 hours. And it probably guarantees United their first Premier League title in 4 years. At Anfield. In the 91st minute. Life. Is. Not. Fair.

Anyone but United. Good god, why always against United?

I probably shouldn’t be writing anything about this at the moment, but I know if I don’t now, it won’t get written at all due to the fact this is at the top of the list of memories to repress. The quicker this is acknowledged and forgotten, the better.

And I hate writing in this state, knowing it’ll give undue comfort to the enemy, but well done to them (I will now slit my wrists with a rusty razorblade). But they (kill me now) deserve to gloat. They held on for the majority of the game. Liverpool wasted the chances they could carve out. Van der Sar’s save on Crouch. Bellamy’s goal (rightly) ruled out because Momo got a head on Riise’s shot. Any number of corners hitting the first defender and easily cleared. All the usual profligacy problems.

Utterly gobsmacked. And it’s too early to start drinking.

Can’t do anything but look ahead to Barca and then Aston Villa. Progress in the Champions League and cementing 3rd place. Both are still in reach. Heads cannot drop after this, despite overwhelming temptation. Not with Tuesday on the horizon and 3rd place eminently achievable.

I must mention the fans ringing out with You’ll Never Walk Alone after O’Shea’s goal. It’s become far too cliché, but the best fans in the world, hands down.

Roll on Barca. Tuesday can’t get here quick enough.


Steven Gerrards Double said...

Once again our obvious lack of a real world class out and out forward has come up against us again, bring back Rushie

Anonymous said...

May I commiserate all the Liverpool fans who must be gutted at this defeat, but you guys are looking great - its just a matter of time before you break the challenge for the top.

nate said...

"... bring back Rushie."

Truer words have never been spoken.

I've been upset in the past with striker performances, but today is the first time all season that I've felt another big money striker needs to be bought in the summer.

Maybe it's knee-jerk, I try not to be, but I'd avoided buying into "we need a world class striker" mindset. Today I'm of that mind.

Steven Gerrards Double said...

Don't get me wrong, I really love the strikers we have, we just need the out and out finisher that could really rival Drogba and Henry in the scoring charts

Steel said...

Saw the game on replay last night with some die-hard United fans. After O'Shea's goal, one of them said to me, "Man, I feel so bad for Liverpool." I hear you. But wish I didn't.