12 February 2007

Liverpool v Arsenal, what's left?

With Arsenal one point back with one game in hand, I thought it’d be useful to see the remaining games for both teams. I refuse to be drawn into prognostications, I’m just laying out the schedules and the current league positions of the opponents in question. Decide for yourself who has the easier run in. Liverpool’s remaining away games do demonstrate how many difficult road fixtures they had earlier in the season, but it remains to be seen if they can take advantage.

It certainly would have been nice if Wigan had held on yesterday, though. Pity Heskey's reputation for falling in a stiff gust of wind, as Wigan should have had a penalty opportunity while it was still 1-0. But it also shows the difference in the two teams so far this season. Up against the wall, Arsenal scores 2 in 10 minutes late on twice in the last month, while Liverpool flails in futility against Blackburn and Newcastle.

I still say the season will probably be decided on March 31st.

Sheffield (2/24) - 15th
Man Utd (3/3) – 1st
Arsenal (3/31) – 4th
Boro (4/9) – 12th
Wigan (4/21) – 17th
Charlton (5/13) – 19th

Villa (3/18) – 13th
Reading (4/7) – 6th
Man City (4/14) – 16th
Pompey (4/28) – 7th
Fulham (5/5) – 14th

Man City (2/28) – 16th
Reading (3/3) – 6th
West Ham (4/7) – 18th
Bolton (4/14) – 5th
Fulham (4/28) – 14th
Chelsea (5/5) – 2nd

Villa (3/14) – 13th
Everton (3/18) – 8th
Liverpool (3/31) – 3rd
Newcastle (4/9) – 9th
Tottenham (4/21) – 11th
Pompey (5/13) – 7th

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