28 January 2007

How much would you pay?

A completely arbitrary exercise created by an overload of transfer speculation. What would Liverpool expect to get if they sold any of the first team? Thankfully, Liverpool isn't a selling team.

Remember, these are completely arbitrary, made up by me, off the top of my head, with no transfer rumors or speculation attached. The insanity of the window prompts this disclaimer.

Yes, I know I overrate some (most). Gerrard and Alonso aren't them, though.

Reina = £10m
Dudek = £2m
Finnan = £7m
Carra = £15m
Hyypia = £3m
Agger = £8m
Riise = £8-10m
Aurelio = £3m
Pennant = £8m
Gerrard = £50m
Alonso = £35-40m
Sissoko = £10m
Gonzalez = £5m
Garcia = £7m
Crouch = £12m
Kuyt = £12-15m
Bellamy = £9m

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