04 December 2006

Supposed investment in LFC

Talks have dramatically heated up with the Dubai consortium rumored to be investing in Liverpool. Not only is the BBC leading with the story, but the official site already has a story and reaction from Benitez.

I don't know nearly enough about the deal to comment; I wanted to put this up so people can read through the links, and investigate further to find out about the deal, the consortium, etc., as I'm about to do.

I will say this though. Liverpool needs investment quite badly (not only the stadium deal, but to cover the debt, and add to the transfer kitty), but it must be the right investor. Last week I promoted foreign investment, and wrote about how it's helped other clubs in the Prem, but it's obviously a little different when it's the club you support. Going as far as the press releases have gone, coupled with the amount of time taken and number of potential suitors in the process, makes me optimistic, but I certainly want to know a lot more about what the Dubai partners are proposing before I'm full steam behind the deal.

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